Completing the online assessment is free, takes less than 5 minutes and is no obligation. We use the info to estimate your caloric requirements. It can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Typically, you'd receive a response to the assessment within 1 working day. We tailor our packages to you and your goals to maximize results so this step is crucial.

Once that's completed, we provide you the details of your plan, including calories, delivery options, costs and more so that you can review, get any clarifications or ask for any adjustments. 

From there, it's simply to confirm your package and receive delivery weekly.

Once you confirm, you'd receive your program guidelines and instructions to follow. Give yourself time to read them through totally before starting and be sure to ask us any questions you may have.

We've made the program extremely simple and easy to follow. We don't require you to count any calories, we do that work for you. Your role is to eat when it's time to eat, get in some exercise and get enough rest. 

In addition to our meals, you can add in extra fresh fruit and veges as needed. 

The meals themselves contain a good balance of proteins, fats and carbs, we don't eliminate any major food group and we prefer an approach of moderation.

Moderation means that we expect you to have a slice of cake sometimes, maybe a glass of wine or 2, all in  reasonable moderation. This is why the Slimdown 360 program works so well. We recognize that sustainability is key to long term weight loss results.

Over the course of your package, keep in contact with us as needed for expert advice on maximizing your weight loss journey.

Since 2010, we've successfully worked with thousands of clients and have delivered over 1 million meals in Trinidad alone. 

So easy! We've included a video overview below

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