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Instead of a diet plan, you get all the meals you need for the month: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. Meals are tailored to your caloric requirements so that you can reach your goals. Whether it's 1200 calories or 3000 calories, we can provide a plan that suits you best.

Once you complete the online assessment and choose your package, weekly your meals will be delivered freshly frozen, simply heat and eat. Enjoy the over 80 menu options that are sure to keep you excited.

Waffles, pizzas, even cookies are all part of the program. How? We also are the largest manufacturer of alternate flours in Trinidad and Tobago: Sweet Potato, Cassava, Breadfruit even bean flours go into these healthy items. By controlling the inputs, we can make the items you love, just in a healthier manner. 

Imagine, weight management without ever having to cook! With the power of blood sugar stabilization through a proper nutrition plan, your fitness goals will be closer than ever. 

The meals are just one part of the program, coaches are available to ensure all elements of your lifestyle are also falling into place, including nutrition, exercise, sleep and more. ​

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