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The meal delivery service provides ready to 'heat and eat' meals. Once weekly, a single package containing all your breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks are delivered to cover your food needs for the entire week. It's an excellent service for dieters that desire variety and convenience.

They're made in a healthier and more balanced manner. The variety is sure to keep both your stomach and mind happy, while helping you shed those extra pounds. We're into our 7th year of operation and are set to cross 1 million items delivered in the year 2016.

To determine the caloric size of your meals so that you can sign up, we require you to complete the 'Personal Body Assessment Form' found below or at the 'Sign up' tab on the navigation bar. This form is ONLY to be completed when you are ready to start the program. We encourage healthy weight loss and as such persons are recommended no less than 1200 calories daily, unless otherwise recommended by your physician. Remember, less is not always better. Persons are required to supplement their intake of fresh fruit and vegetables while on the program. 

We do not encourage the use of any weight loss drugs while on the program. We prefer an approach of proper nutrition, effective exercise, sufficient sleep and stress management.