healthy lifestyles


Do you offer fish?

At this time, we do not

creating healthy lives, 

knowledge and understanding in trinbAGO!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to exercise?

Exercise should be part of any healthy lifestyle

How often do you deliver?

Once weekly per client

Do you deliver anywhere?

Carenage to Arima to Fyzabad

What days?

Depends on the area, south and central on Saturdays and Tuesdays. East and West on Sundays and Mondays

What time is delivery?

Varies depending on the cross section of customers, We recommend taking delivery at least 1 day before you require your meals as it is not an 'in time for lunch' type of service

Payment methods?

Cash, cheques, linx, online

Monthly Packages?

Paid for in full upon your first delivery, meals will be delivered weekly over 4 weeks

I need to travel

​You can pause your package and resume

Does it work?

Once combined with a healthy lifestyle of regular exercise and moderate sustainable habits, the program works very well

Do I need to add anything extra?

Extra fruits and fresh vegetables/ salads are highly recommended. You can work with your nutrition coach to include other items in your diet. 


Not at this time, company belief is that sustainable, long term eating should include carbohydrates

What's the structure of the plan?

HIgher fiber, lower sugar, balanced proteins fats and carbs. It's not magic, it's a convenience tool and the best support. Several meals eaten more often to help maintain a more stable blood sugar level. It's not an extreme plan, it is one of moderation.